Yann Pellegrini

I'm a French computer science engineering student at ENSICAEN and hobbyist game developer.
This website shows some of my recent works, mostly personal projects.


Before studying computer science at the University of Reims or ENSICAEN, I taught myself how to code by making games while in high school.
Today, I still enjoy game development as a way to enhance my coding skills (and have fun). I sometimes take part in the Ludum Dare contest.

Fix It

  • Ludum Dare 36 JAM 72H (theme: Ancient Technology)
  • HTML5/WebGL with CoffeeScript/Phaser

Tower Clicker

Reversed tower defense
  • Ludum Dare 33 COMPO 48H (theme: You Are The Monster)
  • HTML5 using the Phaser framework

Light Eater

Make your way to the end of the maze, if you can
  • Ludum Dare 29 COMPO 48H (theme: beneath the surface)
  • 2D Shooter, HTML5/Canvas

Handle with careLudum Dare Top 100

You found a key made of glass. You only get one, so handle with care !
  • Ludum Dare 28 COMPO 48H (theme: You Only Get One)
  • Platformer, HTML5/Canvas


Minimalist space shooter for two players on one keyboard
  • Small personal project
  • HTML5/Canvas

Cookie Typer

Memory game about cookies
  • Small personal project
  • Unclassified, JavaScript (using DOM)

Puissance 4

4-in-a-row, tic tac toe, or any grid size you want. Includes an artificial intelligence
  • School project
  • 4-in-a-row-like, JavaScript (using DOM)


Tetris. Hardcore version.
  • Personal project
  • Tetris - JavaScript using DOM


Full multiplayer game about hacking servers. Playable in a WebOS.
  • Personal project
  • Simulation, JavaScript/PHP, using AJAX


  • Personal project
  • Unclassified, JavaScript (using DOM, with jQuery)


Here are my main projects, that I either did for an internship, a school project or just for the fun of it.

iOS app for Evercontact

In order to enhance their email analysis tool with an app that allows users to manage their settings and address book, Kwaga offered me to develop this application in 2014. I did it using JavaScript thanks to Appcelerator Titanium.

More infos on Evercontact's website

Website (school project)

This website was my first project in University of Reims, within a team.

Visit website

ServerFight (personal project)

A video game I built in high school, a multiplayer hacking game within a WebOS.
The game hasn't been updated in a while but building it was a great experience to learn PHP, JavaScript and AJAX.

Play ServerFight


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